About Us

Who We Are

Americans for Prosparody was conceived in Dick’s Last Resort restaurant in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Judging by the the town's t-shirt selection, their customers love Trump, weapons, and Jesus. In that order.

It was August 8, 2022, and every TV channel showed the FBI carrying boxes of stolen classified documents out of Mar-a-Lago. Into Dick’s walked a guy wearing a shirt that read… ULTRA MAGA: 100% LAW AND ORDER.

I just started laughing. Poe’s Law had kicked in; there was no way to tell if the shirt was real or a parody of MAGA hypocrisy.

The absurdity of that moment inspired the creation of A4PP: a real Super PAC running parody political campaigns taking on extremist candidates, influence peddling, and other threats to the American Republic.

We are chaos agents using humor to shine a light on moral bankruptcy, legalized corruption, hypocritical jerks, and authoritarian monsters.

Politicians believe fear wins votes. We believe humor can beat fear.  And mockery can sink the careers of undeserving candidates.

Some will find our content offensive, but the most insane things we say will be nothing more than slight exaggerations of the real stances of politicians, the real actions of corrupt judges, and the real conduct of billionaires legally buying influence.  And we will provide the receipts.

So sit back and enjoy how fine the line is between comedy crazy and real American political lunacy.

Todd Stiefel
Supreme Chancellor
Americans for Prosparody